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Ellis Mandolins

Master-built mandolins.

With a master’s touch, artist’s eye and over 35 years of experience, Tom Ellis designs custom mandolins that are as beautiful to look at as they sound. 
Each instrument sold by Ellis Mandolins has been individually  handcrafted by a talented team of artists and engineers who take pride in creating quality mandolins that last for generations.

ellis mandolins

Witness a woodworking genius.

Tom Ellis was raised near Houston and took up woodworking in his teens to build surfboards. He built his first mandolin in the summer of 1972, and after graduating from college in 1975, he re-enrolled to take a woodworking class specifically to build an F-5 style mandolin. That mandolin was completed in the summer of 1977.

Tom set up shop in Austin later that year, and immediately started filling orders for custom mandolins. In a1981 interview with Frets Magazine, David Grisman said that Tom was one of the 5 best mandolin makers.

Having studied every aspect of the mandolin over the years, Tom has developed a unique set of resources and systems to facilitate production and balance craftsmanship with efficiency. The process begins by using a machine to cut each of the mandolin bodies. The pieces are then carefully crafted by hand, lovingly assembled, bound and finished by Tom and the rest of the team at Ellis Mandolins. The result: beautiful, wonderful sounding instruments.

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