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Limited numbers, unlimited care.

Gallagher Guitars are built by hand in very limited numbers. From 1965 to 2005 only 3037 instruments were made, that’s around 75 a year. Limited numbers, unlimited care. There is no substitute for fine craftsmanship in a musical instrument. The workmanship on all Gallagher guitars is the same regardless of price or model.

Gallagher Guitars

“Rings like a bell”.

J.W. Gallagher first began woodworking as a cabinetmaker in Wartrace, Tennessee in 1939 making fine quality furniture. However, by the 1960’s, J.W. Gallagher was making quality guitars exclusively.

Don Gallagher, the fifth generation Gallagher born in Wartrace, literally grew up working in his father's shop. In the early 1960's he closely assisted his father in development of the guitar business.

In 1976, Don Gallagher assumed the responsibility of operating the family business when his father semi-retired. He knows guitars, he’s built guitars for the best in the business. That’s probably what he’s doing this very minute.

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