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Where metal meets the blues.

When you pick up a National and begin playing, one can see reasons to prefer it. Their smaller bodies make it easy to hold and play, especially for those Blues musicians who play all day and night. In any street corner or noisy juke joint, the National holds it own. 

National Guitars

Amplify your sound.

To understand what a National is all about, you have to understand that the purpose of the Tricone and single resonator is to amplify sound. In the 1920's, two Los Angeles men came together, originally to make a new type of guitar using a megaphone-like principle, whom would together create the National Resonator guitar as we know it.

Even the simplest rhythm work has a supercharged quality to it because of the way the volume and tone are delivered. No wood guitar can be as explosive, or sustain sweet slide passages as well. National is a guitar that sounds like it has a rhythm section built-in.

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